In this era, everyone wants to be rich and successful. However, few people know that being successful does not necessarily mean being rich and vice versa. The following are tips that will help set you apart in a crowd:

Tip number 1: Be ready
Most people fail to prosper because they are not ready to seize opportunities, embrace change and take risks. If your business is to prosper, you must be ready to try and take calculated risks. When opportunity is thrown your way, seize it. When challenges come your way, learn from them and use them to grow.

Tip number 2: Be the first
If you are the type that waits for others to experiment first, you might end up being a follower. Develop a habit of being the first to try. Try to be the first to get to work, the first to initiate conversations, the first to encourage the employees or reach out to customers, the first to acquire an extra skill, the first to bring a new idea.

Tip number 3: Be different
You cannot repeat the same thing everyone else is doing and expect to remain steady and running. To win the competition, you need to adopt a different model, a different strategy and a different approach. This will not only give you an edge over your competitors, but also place you above competition.

You need to constantly evaluate yourself at the end of each day and ask questions such as; what could I have done differently today? Take noted and implement any changes the following day and you will be amazed at the results.

Tip number 4: Be noticed
Only the most outstanding performers will remain relevant in this competitive world. Whether at an individual level or corporate level, your performance has to be outstanding. Provide something new every day and add value to both the business and the people around you. To achieve an outstanding performance, you need a motivated team around you and satisfied customers behind you.

Do not merely focus on the money part; engage into other non-profit activities that are merely aimed at improving the lives of the people that keep the business running. When everyone around you is smiling, you are sure of the longest smile in the long run.

Tip number 5: Be yourself
Much as you want to try to be different, avoid copying other people. Even competition has limits in that you only do what you are able to do and in the best way you know how to. If you do not know, it is not wrong to ask or hire an expert in that field.

Tip number 6: Be the best
As you try to do what you know best, do it in such a way that you leave a mark behind. Whenever you trail, let people know that someone passed there. Focus on being the best brand, not by copying your competitors but by implementing the goals that you had in mind when you were starting the venture. Let your product speak for itself.

Tip number 7: Be human
Build healthy relationships around the workplace and even outside workplace. Do not work or make others work like machines. Smile at the people you meet on the corridor. Do not be too big to shake hands. Shaking the hands of your employees motivates them to work even harder. Being human demystifies the workplace environment and creates room for growth. Maintain an open communication so that anyone can feel free to come up to you for a discussion. Buy them lunch and if possible organize some fun days at least once in a year to bring the team together.

Tip number 8: Be moderate
Whether at work or in terms of relationships, have limits. Do not overdo anything, whether it is working, interacting with the people around you, or even taking a break. It is recommended that you work 8 hours a day, so do not do 16 hours a day. While working some extra time might keep your business steady, avoid overstretching yourself or overworking your employees.

Tip number 9: Be balanced
Have a schedule that outlines how you spend the day. To achieve optimum performance, you need to spend some time outside work and away from home. In short, separating work from family is not sufficient – create time for self. If you are unable to stay away from work, get professional help.

Tip number 10: Be connected
Networking with people within your field is what keeps you on your toes. Do not snub competitors for whatever reason, since you learn from each other. Share with people who have similar interests as you. You will get so many ideas from people you might have thought could never help you.