Google + is one of the most efficient tools for internet marketing. It helps marketers and business owners improve their ranking on the Google search engine. A high ranking in Google guarantees you a similarly high ranking on other search engines. The following are tips on using Google + to improve Search Engine rankings.

Optimize your titles

If you want to become visible, you need to make use of keywords. Titles are the first to show in search engines and so you have to consider all the possible terms that your target customer may use to find your products. Your URL should also contain the primary keyword in order to increase your visibility.

Optimize your home page

Make use of SEO when writing content for your home page. You need to inform people about your brand in a manner that is friendly to the search engine include the primary keyword in the first few characters of your homepage. Write short paragraphs, and if possible, use bullet points for readability.

Add the Google + plug-in on your site and blog

It is important to encourage other users to recommend your page and share it with the people within their Google + circles by installing the appropriate social plug-in. Google encourages people within your network to view and share your content, and this will be possible if you have the Google + plug-in installed on your page. When creating your blog, it is advisable to include the plug-in on the landing page. This makes it easier for you to reach out to all your target audience within limited time.

Add many people to your circle

All the people in your social circle will be able to view the content you share on Google + and in turn share with their friends. The comments made by your Google + readers also provide very valuable feedback for your brand. Make use of this opportunity to improve your products, increase your positioning and eventually boost your ranking.

Increase your online activity

To win the goodwill of other online users, you need to be an active user. Visit other people’s sites, follow them, comment on their posts, reply to their comments and questions and wait for them to return the kindness. Google will honor your increased activity by increasing your ranking.