Poem for Daddy

I will call You first thing in the morning
Coz in You I see unfailing love
How You watch over me as I sleep
You provide rest for my head on Your mighty arms
I hear You say, ‘As long as you’re in my arms, you’re safe’
So I lay prostrate in awe of You Father
I will Call You first thing in the morning
Coz with every dawn Your sweet words they redeem my soul
How You remember me even before day breaks
You breathe Your Spirit into me
And say, ‘Go! Follow the path I set for you; you’ll live’
I will call You first thing in the morning
Coz Your hand it sustains me
Through the narrow path You lead me
Good fruits Your Spirit He provides for my health
You give me the road map for success
And say, ‘I got you in my hand, no one can snatch you from me’
I will call You first thing in the morning
Coz You never grow weary of me
You search my heart and satisfy my needs
Your shadow it illuminates my path
Even when I go astray, You provide a way
So I can always run back into Your arms
I will call You first thing in the morning
Coz You read my thoughts and answer me even before I speak
You carry me to heights too great for my feeble bones
Even when I build castles in the air
You say, ‘Believe, and it shall be done’ 
I will call You first thing in the morning
Coz only You can satisfy my soul
When I am sick You give me healing
When I am weak You renew my strength
You remind me of the treasures stored up for me
Another reason to hope in the day
Another reason to dream in the night
When I see a new Sun breaking forth, I remember Your promise
And call on Your name!

Facebook posts: What are the guiding principles?

Social media has given us freedom to express ourselves, and the ability to post anonymously has encouraged us to abuse this freedom. Today as I sat down reflecting on the content I have posted on Facebook, I realized how much censorship was needed in those posts. I personally know most of the people I have added to my Facebook friends list, and truth be told these people represent an entire society. So, what happens in a real society?


In a real society, there are wealthy people, working class, students and the poor. So, how do I ensure that my posts are relevant to these groups of people? a little bit of self censorship, clear conscience, selflessness and objectivity are needed to ensure that posts are balanced. We are all going through a journey that will end someday, and the most important thing is to encourage each other, and lift one another whenever the burdens of life become tiresome. Nobody wishes to travel alone, and this is why we need each other. To be relevant, we have to meet the needs of each other in the current setup. We need to ensure that no one is left behind, but that we are all forging ahead towards one destiny.


I have personally decided to change the way I post in order to accommodate all my friends, because I need each one of them. As I work on a master plan that would help me achieve this goal, the following tips will certainly come in handy for anyone who wishes to make a positive impact:


1. Let love lead you

Have you found yourself posting to respond to someone else’s behavior, words or actions? Have you found yourself posting on your timeline about another person?

Yes, we are all tempted to behave in such a selfish manner, which is only part of our individualized lives. We only care about ourselves, and not the other person.

Some tongues are always itchy to tell on someone. We are ready to brand people negatively and post it on places where they can read, often, with intent to hurt or ridicule them.

Of course, there are those who publicize their own mistakes, faults and problems. Ask yourself if a message or phone call would be better than a public post.


2. If things were different …

Of course, we are living in a rash world, where words precede thought. We make rash decisions and we are fast to talk than to listen.

Before you post, listen to your heart. What drives you to post that content? What will be the impact of your words? Is it likely to heal or bruise, make or break?

Do not post anything that can bruise self or others. Someday, you might be the one on the receiving end and there goes the old adage, “do unto others what you want done to you”.


3. Consider your audience

Whom are you writing for? Chances are that there are people from different age groups and social statuses. Is your post appropriate to juniors, seniors, age mates? Is it reaching out to the unemployed and broken hearted? Does it speak to those below and above your status?

You cannot please everyone, but try as much as possible to speak to each one of your readers. How can this be done? Wisdom is the key.


It is important to always pair up wisdom with ethics. You need to save your face as well as keep some people at the back yard to catch you when you are falling! 

How to be successful in 2013

In this era, everyone wants to be rich and successful. However, few people know that being successful does not necessarily mean being rich and vice versa. The following are tips that will help set you apart in a crowd:

Tip number 1: Be ready
Most people fail to prosper because they are not ready to seize opportunities, embrace change and take risks. If your business is to prosper, you must be ready to try and take calculated risks. When opportunity is thrown your way, seize it. When challenges come your way, learn from them and use them to grow.

Tip number 2: Be the first
If you are the type that waits for others to experiment first, you might end up being a follower. Develop a habit of being the first to try. Try to be the first to get to work, the first to initiate conversations, the first to encourage the employees or reach out to customers, the first to acquire an extra skill, the first to bring a new idea.

Tip number 3: Be different
You cannot repeat the same thing everyone else is doing and expect to remain steady and running. To win the competition, you need to adopt a different model, a different strategy and a different approach. This will not only give you an edge over your competitors, but also place you above competition.

You need to constantly evaluate yourself at the end of each day and ask questions such as; what could I have done differently today? Take noted and implement any changes the following day and you will be amazed at the results.

Tip number 4: Be noticed
Only the most outstanding performers will remain relevant in this competitive world. Whether at an individual level or corporate level, your performance has to be outstanding. Provide something new every day and add value to both the business and the people around you. To achieve an outstanding performance, you need a motivated team around you and satisfied customers behind you.

Do not merely focus on the money part; engage into other non-profit activities that are merely aimed at improving the lives of the people that keep the business running. When everyone around you is smiling, you are sure of the longest smile in the long run.

Tip number 5: Be yourself
Much as you want to try to be different, avoid copying other people. Even competition has limits in that you only do what you are able to do and in the best way you know how to. If you do not know, it is not wrong to ask or hire an expert in that field.

Tip number 6: Be the best
As you try to do what you know best, do it in such a way that you leave a mark behind. Whenever you trail, let people know that someone passed there. Focus on being the best brand, not by copying your competitors but by implementing the goals that you had in mind when you were starting the venture. Let your product speak for itself.

Tip number 7: Be human
Build healthy relationships around the workplace and even outside workplace. Do not work or make others work like machines. Smile at the people you meet on the corridor. Do not be too big to shake hands. Shaking the hands of your employees motivates them to work even harder. Being human demystifies the workplace environment and creates room for growth. Maintain an open communication so that anyone can feel free to come up to you for a discussion. Buy them lunch and if possible organize some fun days at least once in a year to bring the team together.

Tip number 8: Be moderate
Whether at work or in terms of relationships, have limits. Do not overdo anything, whether it is working, interacting with the people around you, or even taking a break. It is recommended that you work 8 hours a day, so do not do 16 hours a day. While working some extra time might keep your business steady, avoid overstretching yourself or overworking your employees.

Tip number 9: Be balanced
Have a schedule that outlines how you spend the day. To achieve optimum performance, you need to spend some time outside work and away from home. In short, separating work from family is not sufficient – create time for self. If you are unable to stay away from work, get professional help.

Tip number 10: Be connected
Networking with people within your field is what keeps you on your toes. Do not snub competitors for whatever reason, since you learn from each other. Share with people who have similar interests as you. You will get so many ideas from people you might have thought could never help you.

Flowers as depression natural remedies

Aromatherapy is the most effective natural depression remedy. Aroma from top flowers can be used to cure depression.


You can tuck flowers under the pillow so as to inhale the anti depressant aromas as you sleep. You can also infuse the aromas into your massage oil or bathing water in order for your body to benefit from their healing properties. The following are the most popular flowers that can be used to cure depression naturally.

Agrimony is a flower that is used to restore happiness in people who are suffering from mood changes that are attributed to depression.

Centaury flowers are used as natural remedies for people who are feeling intimidated following a depressive encounter.

Cherry plums are recomended for patients who have panic attacks after a depressive encounter.

Willows are herbal depression remedies for patients suffering from resentment.

Walnuts are recommended for patients who are unable to adjust to normal activities after a depressive attack.

Wild roses are effective for patients who are unable to concentrate on the activities they love most due to depression.

Gorse, mustard and honeysuckle are good for people suffering from manic depression.

Centaury and sweet chestnut are ideal for teenage depression.

Gentian is used to cure chronic depression.

Rose petals can also be used to cure depression. All you need to do is boil an average of 25 fresh petals for about 15 minutes and take the solution like any other beverage two or three times every day.

Other flowers that can be used to treat depression include: Tansy,Rosemary,Chamomile,Juniper,Lavender,Geranium and Mint.

Different flowers are used to relief different symptoms, but most of these flowers can cure multiple symptoms. Consult your doctor in order to determine the best remedy for your condition.

STREAMS… Where Haven art! >>> New hangout By Kenyan Poets Lounge

I want to imagine a relaxed afternoon of art lovers who have come together to experience love. I want to imagine people dancing to calm rhythms and beautiful melodies from a live band.

I want to imagine deep and sleek poetry lines piercing through the hearts of souls, a decorated runway on which models grace their beauty and clothing. I want to imagine people making new friends, shaking hands, falling in love and strangers dancing together.

This is what STREAMS wants you to feel, for it is a haven of art inside the heavenly Rainforest Lounge. Kenyan Poets Lounge wants you to experience the tantalizing inspiration from the poetry, music, dance groups, sketch drawing and fashion. The natural ambiance at Rainforest is one to kill and die for together with the sumptuous menu. This event is open to people of all ages. Children should also be exposed to art at an early stage.

To get to Rainforest Lounge, enter a matatu that passes along Ngong Road. i.e, 4W, 2, 102, 2 and/or 111. Alight at Impala Club. The bus stage is called ‘Swedish’. You cross over to Makini School and head to upper primary. It is a straight road so it won’t be hard to find. The Lounge is on your way down to Makini School upper primary, first murram road that branches on your right and a black gate on your left after the branch. Directions shall be indicated. These are the numbers to call or text: Chris: 0722535035 | Rixpoet 0722790479 | Val: 0726519073, just in case you get lost.

Am so sure some of you won’t wanna leave there. You want to know who’ll be gracing the stage? Believe me we have people coming, so do not plan to miss this one.

You may also want to follow the event on Twitter: @PoetryHubKenya using the HashTag: #WhereHavenArt

To get the event on facebook see:http://www.facebook.com/events/478628635542829/

You can also check out the Website here:http://www.KenyanPoetsLounge.com/StreamsWhereHavenArt

New Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day this year falls on a week day, and that means only one thing to most of us – there is no time to go out with your loved one. Fortunately, you still have the entire evening, after work. Evenings are the best time to go out but you need not forget that the morning after is still a work day. However, you do not have to stick to the same old routine of exchanging roses and sharing chocolates; try something new. The following are few suggestions for February 14th:

You may not lay by her/his side as you watch the sun go down or enjoy the golden hue it leaves behind, but you can find a good shade by the beach and moon watch as you recite sweet poems to your loved one.

You may not take her to a romantic resort outside town but you can spare some time after work and share a glass of red wine, a glass of love.

If you are a lady, try making your man a good homemade meal for your man and he will always look forward to “home time”.

Prepare his favourite meal but do not forget to serve a few romantic recipes. A glass of milk will do for the night. Add a teaspoonful of honey to give it a romantic taste. Instead of the usual chocolates, serve vanilla yoghurt for both of you to give the house the natural smell of love.

Women love flowers because they remind them of their beauty. When you go shopping for flowers, consider the stage you are in the journey of your love. Whether you are just getting started or have been together for half a century, there will always be something in store for you.

Different types of flowers and flower colours carry different messages, so make the right choice. Tell the vendor how long you have been together and they will help you select.

You can also use this time to propose to her or to celebrate your jubilee. Again, the type of ring you buy depends on how long you have been married.

If you are planning to give her an engagement ring, you can settle for diamonds. A diamond is the strongest stone, and it symbolizes the bond between the two of you.

You can ideally think about something new, but try to make the day special. You may never be there to show your partner how you feel about them, but at least do something.

If you cannot present gifts, remind her about your first meeting, your first date, and how you felt when you first met her.

Remind your partner that you love them, and if possible, exchange your marriage vows once again (if you are already married) to relive the moment you started your journey together.

Remember that it is the simple things in life that make the greatest difference.

How you can use Google + to improve your ranking

Google + is one of the most efficient tools for internet marketing. It helps marketers and business owners improve their ranking on the Google search engine. A high ranking in Google guarantees you a similarly high ranking on other search engines. The following are tips on using Google + to improve Search Engine rankings.

Optimize your titles

If you want to become visible, you need to make use of keywords. Titles are the first to show in search engines and so you have to consider all the possible terms that your target customer may use to find your products. Your URL should also contain the primary keyword in order to increase your visibility.

Optimize your home page

Make use of SEO when writing content for your home page. You need to inform people about your brand in a manner that is friendly to the search engine include the primary keyword in the first few characters of your homepage. Write short paragraphs, and if possible, use bullet points for readability.

Add the Google + plug-in on your site and blog

It is important to encourage other users to recommend your page and share it with the people within their Google + circles by installing the appropriate social plug-in. Google encourages people within your network to view and share your content, and this will be possible if you have the Google + plug-in installed on your page. When creating your blog, it is advisable to include the plug-in on the landing page. This makes it easier for you to reach out to all your target audience within limited time.

Add many people to your circle

All the people in your social circle will be able to view the content you share on Google + and in turn share with their friends. The comments made by your Google + readers also provide very valuable feedback for your brand. Make use of this opportunity to improve your products, increase your positioning and eventually boost your ranking.

Increase your online activity

To win the goodwill of other online users, you need to be an active user. Visit other people’s sites, follow them, comment on their posts, reply to their comments and questions and wait for them to return the kindness. Google will honor your increased activity by increasing your ranking.